With or Without

Without the fear of loss

There would be no pleasure

Without the trials and the journey

We could hide forever

Lost in complacency

And never moving forward

Content in all our lacking

With nothing to search toward

When it seeks to hide the truth

Religion becomes the sin

The only way to find what’s real

Is to search deep within




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  1. would you expand on why “religion is the sin”


    1. caillenjames says:

      Personal opinion. I’m not a religious person and I am of the opinion that religion causes a great deal of strife for humanity. When thinking of all of the people who were once imprisoned and tortured and executed for religion and in the name of religion all of the wars started for the sake of religion–as I said, personal opinion. Seeking knowledge is what will lead humanity to truth. Not relying on some outside being for morality and justice and whatever else, but putting our faith in ourselves and deciding for ourselves how we will be and what we will do, choosing our own way of being, not for some baseless reward or for fear of retribution but because we know right from wrong. Being accountable to yourself. It’s easy to blame some red guy with a pitchfork for bad things and thank the clouds or the sky for good things or say it was meant to be when unexplained things happen…anyway I’m rambling now. It all boils down to personal opinion. That’s what I believe so that’s what I wrote.

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      1. Thank you for sharing .. Very powerful

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  2. I wondered about the religion line, too, even though my view on religion is similar to your own. It just jars somehow, like a poetic Tourettes’ expression.

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    1. caillenjames says:

      It wasn’t intended for that line to come off as out of place… It made more sense in my head, I suppose.

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      1. Sense, maybe. I’ve read it a few times and I get it but it does slip over from poetic to polemic. You make good points but I feel as though I’m being berated and instructed.

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      2. caillenjames says:

        I can see that. Maybe a revision would be a good idea. Thank you, Dermott.

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      3. I’ve gone back to Torn Apart and made three changes to it, already. Rewrites are part of the process.

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      4. caillenjames says:

        Indeed. I really did enjoy ‘Torn Apart’, though. I hope you haven’t changed it too much

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      5. No, not at all. I changed words. There were two repetitions. It flows better now. Same poem, less cumbersome.

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  3. caillenjames says:

    From the beginning of the poem I was referring to religion–how people depend on it when they should depend upon themselves–choosing rather to put their faith in an illusion as opposed to the truth that’s all around them. It wasn’t meant to be instructional and I certainly wasn’t hoping to push my ideals on anyone else. Rereading it and thinking about changing it makes me think it will be less true, for me at least, but it is what it is and I suppose people will take it how they will.


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