Tomi Lahren Trashed

Tomi tossed back her bleached blonde mop of hair, the locks of white falling over her shoulder–damaged and breaking strands scraped over her skin like sandpaper. It made an annoying sound like crinkling foil but he shrugged off the irritation, chocking it up to yet another unwelcome noise that issued forth from the loud-mouthed stooge. As a…


My heart doesn’t flutter when I think of you It hurts. Gets tight in my chest like it’ll burst. There’s so much love for you– Much more than my heart can handle. It’s not big enough for what I feel for you.

Do You Think of Me?

When it’s morning and you’ve only just opened your eyes or maybe Over coffee or tea because you’re too rushed for breakfast, do you think of me? When it’s the afternoon and you’re preoccupied with working, Even if you’re busy or tired, do you think of me? After a long day when you want to crawl…


And what of the pain I’d once so expressly felt? … It was nothing but a moment… nothing but a memory.


In my dreams You are god and we are in heaven Death has no meaning to us here. There is only You There is only me Wrapping ourselves in the embrace of eternity. Let me sleep until this world ends Where you are everything I see and love And I am all you will ever need Where your…

Watching You Sleep

Her eyes shut and my world falls silent. I’ll take a breath when she opens them again.


I’ve gone nights without sleep over a kiss I’ve never tasted. Those lips I have not once felt against mine but I dream of them often. I can feel you against me and hear your voice in my ears like music. Like art. Rather I spend the rest of my life dreaming of you than go another day…

The Narrative Illustrations of Chiara Bautista (aka Milk)

Originally posted on The Dancing Rest:
Chiara Bautista is an elusive and elliptical artist. What may I say about her? She is Mexican and each of her artworks is a visual embodiment of complex and elaborate stories about love, life, music and beautiful monsters. “As for my personal work, I create the illustrations in order to…

The Dog Likes to Sneak into my Bed

Opened my eyes this morning to a familiar weight pressed against my chest It wasn’t you, no. It wasn’t you. It was her and I grimaced because, yet again, I’d fallen asleep with someone not the woman I love. I wanted it to be your ebony hair–softer than silk–tickling my nose. I wanted it to be your…

Come Home

I’ll keep the fire burning. However small, however far it may seem, Know that it is for you And come home.

Planner Without a Plan

I always thought I knew just what I wanted but I was wrong. Luckily, she found me anyway.

Lover, Lay Down

I want to run away with you and never look back. Escape somewhere far to a place you can’t find on any map. Where the world and noise fade and there’s only me and you. But the kids are playing in the yard and there’s work and chores to do. So for now just climb…