With the moon and all the stars at dusk

Whispering cos they know exactly just what it was

A sense unsung;


For the life and all the world to see

Unsure of what it is you feel from me

I fear, you see;


The heart that’s bleeding black blood tainted thru

Can’t show you what it is I feel in you

These feelings true;


And all the world is chanting,

Chorus sung.

For what the Fates and all the world has brung

The world’s undone;


But Love came here to me

It poured itself past depths within the darkest sea

Found the hole and filled itself tho it seemed out of reach

For years long past it was unknown to me;


Traveled here through passages unreached

And found itself a solid place in me,

It’s tearing free;



Love came in to me,

Despite distress and sorrow

It has reached a peak,

Past barbs of trepidation,  angst, brutality

It’s found a place in me…

Love’s found a place in me.


Regardless of the many tears that shed,

The crying souls and hearts I reveled, shred

The loves that bled;


A one beside me sleeps contentedly,

Knowing something never thought I’d see

A soul in me,

Redeemable perhaps deservedly

There’s something here never thought I could be




Love came into me

Regardless of the pain and all the days of agony

Into my soul my love digs so in deep

And finds a place in me…

Love’s found a place in me.










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  1. Adine says:


  2. sdtp33 says:

    Lovely rhythm to this!


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