Tomi Lahren Trashed

Tomi tossed back her bleached blonde mop of hair, the locks of white falling over her shoulder–damaged and breaking strands scraped over her skin like sandpaper. It made an annoying sound like crinkling foil but he shrugged off the irritation, chocking it up to yet another unwelcome noise that issued forth from the loud-mouthed stooge.

As a means to distract himself, Amar grabbed a fistful of the of her oily tresses and asked, “do you want more?”

With her mouth stuffed full with his cock as it was, the girl was unable to do more than gaze at him, her eyes glassy and glazed–bloodshot from the lack of oxygen. It wasn’t so easy to breathe with her mouth packed with his dick but she didn’t complain. Not that he’d have listened otherwise.

“More?” Amar smiled crookedly, thrusting deeper into the cavern of her sopping wet mouth.

Thick drool slipped from the corner of her pursed, pouting lips and she gagged making sucking noises like a landed fish as the head of his dick thrust against the insides of her cheeks and over her deplorable pink tongue. Usually spewing falsehoods and misplaced venom, it had found its place giving him pleasure as disgusted as he was with being inside of her.

“What’s that, Tomi?” Amar jeered. For once the girl had nothing to say and the absence of her voice made the whole interlude worth it. It wasn’t that he enjoyed being with her though fucking her wretched face and shutting her the hell up was like killing two birds with one stone.

No, the bliss of all of it was the domination.

As much as she bitched and moaned about every single small thing that hit the Dhump like a slap to the infantile old man, what the bitch really wanted was validation. A strong man to conquer her. To throw her down and tell her to shut her loud ass, prejudiced, uninformed little white-girl mouth. What she wanted was to be pinned to the floor and fucked like the filthy whore she was on the inside. What she wanted…what she wanted was his hard black dick shoving down her throat silencing her as no other seemed capable of doing.

Relentlessly, Amar slid the length of his dick along Tomi’s straight white teeth, her tired sagging eyes pleading with him to continue as they glistened with moisture, her pink face splotched with red.

“Do you want me to cum?” Amar asked quickening his pace already knowing the answer. Like the helpless bitch she was, Tomi nodded vigorously, her huge head bobbing up and down against his dick. Her long giraffe neck barely held the massive globe up on her anorexic shoulders.

Amar hadn’t bothered asking the fool to remove her clothes. Her miniature frame was hardly worth looking at and her poor excuse for a rack was better hidden behind the hideously atrocious wardrobe she’d chosen.

Throwing his head back and gritting his teeth against the throb in his groin, Amar groaned, fisting Tomi’s hair, holding her head tight against his shaft as he thrust deeper into her, his hips gyrating wantonly until he was entirely spent.

When his body finally stilled–the last of his release ebbing to a dull pulse–Amar let go of the Dhump sycophant.

Tomi’s head fell away from his throbbing dick. She gagged but swallowed with an audible gulp, her eyes glazed and sated despite the fact that he’d been the one to release rather than her.

Amar pictured the thick wet cum–white and creamy–sliding down her prejudiced throat and half smiled to himself.

Pulling up his trousers, he turned his back on the girl as she wobbled on shaking knees, her skinny hips and wide thighs trembling from exhaustion. He wasn’t sure exactly how long she’d been kneeling there on the floor but her limbs appeared atrophied and very nearly useless.

He considered putting a foot out to trip her when she stood. How funny would it be to see her in front of her mindless fans ranting in her lazy monotone before the camera. She’d have a nice-sized bruise on her forehead–a reminder that the black men that she so claimed to understand and dislike all at the same time could tame her better than any white man ever could.

“Let’s see 45 do that,” Amar chuckled to himself. All the Dhump was concerned with was lining his pockets with cash and Viagra.

A knock on the door sounded and Tomi bolted to her shaking feet, her high heels fucking with her balance only for a moment before she righted herself.

“Coming,” she answered in that all too-deep voice that grated his ears and made him want to silence her all over again.

Adjusting her mini pencil skirt, Tomi looked to Amar with a faint smile. “Will you call me again?” She asked and he wanted to slap the plea from her eyes.

“Maybe,” he answered simply, replacing his flaccid dick in his pants.

Maybe. But probably not.


Peg-a-Politician: Ted Cruz Gets Some Cock Up His Tight Ass

@TomiLahren @realDonaldTrump


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