One Introvert to Another

Lay your head down beside me and breathe in the silence;

Don’t speak.

There’s no need–

I too am fluent in words left unsaid


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  1. Serendipitous Web Life. : ) says:

    : )

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  2. Woman in progress says:

    very good work hope you are well..
    Compliments of teh season..

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    1. caillenjames says:

      Thank you WIP. It’s always lovely hearing from you. Thank you for taking the time to read an comment. Best wishes for your new year.

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      1. Woman in progress says:

        Yea have not been in the site for awhile as moved house and work just got crazy. But shall hopefully ve posting a new piece soom as nowbi have a bit of time in my hands.

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      2. caillenjames says:

        Well, I certainly am glad to see you’re back ^_^

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      3. Woman in progress says:

        Aw thanks 🙂

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