There once was a dragon–so rarely beheld

Her golden scales exquisite and unparalleled

But, because the creature was unique and unmatched

She concealed her beauty behind a dull mask

And was careful to act as the other girls did

Ensuring her nature was carefully hid.


There once was a dragon–strong and quite fierce

With talons and teeth that, could anything, pierce

But, the creature had heard he was the last of his kind

No others around that were left to find

So he tucked himself within a shell

To ensure his singularity, no other, would tell.


There once was a day where two dragons met

You’d think their souls would be matched by kismet

But the truth of their nature was shielded and covered

No eye could decipher what was buried under.

Two dragons did meet with their masks set firm

But they walked right past, their love unreturned.




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