I’d never believed in it before but, it happened. Our eyes met. You were laughing, surrounded by friends; and me, I was standing awkward and alone outside the window.

Bright red lips lifted and your eyes shined and twinkled–we zinged! Love at first sight!

In my mind, I saw us holding hands. Whispering in the dark to one another. Making love beneath a sky of stars. Our futures–yours and mine–laid itself out right in that moment. The confession. The wedding. Five perfect versions of you and me at our feet.

I watched you–your eyes watching me. That smile. That beautiful smile that never left your lips–it was for me alone. You stood there, in the midst of everyone, and turned away.

With rapt attention, heart beating from my chest, I watched you run to me. That smile, that bright smile. Those red lips spoke as you burst through the door.

“You’re here!”

‘I’m here!’ I thought. ‘Your one true love–your zing–is here!’

Arms outstretched, I waited on bated breath in anticipation for the moment we would embrace. Our bodies touching, our souls merging.

Thump, thump, thump, like the sound of my racing heart, your feet carried you faster until you were in my reach.

My heart open and waiting for your love to come in–it was then that I realized–you were running to someone behind me.




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