‘Poetry is truth’, is the lie that I was fed

Whomever’d uttered the words didn’t know the girl sharing my bed

Her voice was like a melody

Her face more than a rhyme

Her lyrical prose they melted me each and every time

Shakespeare couldn’t dream this girl

Poe could not have guessed

The way this girl weaved lies of love left me naught but emptiness




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  1. kstanlyksays says:

    besides, as a poet i can attest, most of it is fantasy…..

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  2. mahiself says:

    Wonderful… Wonderful… Wonderful!!!!

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  3. It has great flow, good impact and the perfect delivery of emotions much love Poetry Inspired. ❤🎅🎄

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    1. caillenjames says:

      Thank you so much for the in-depth critique, PI. I’m glad you enjoyed it


      1. Keep up the good work

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