Picnic Under the Tree

Do you remember the time we went for a picnic?

You prepared sandwiches and I made sure to pack the wine.

We climbed our way to the top of a steep hill; I was out of breath, but you looked like it was just another stroll in the park.

I unrolled a blanket and we laid down together in the grass,

Side by side,

Cheek to cheek.

I took your hand in mine–

Always so soft and warm–

And you smiled at me like you had a secret you couldn’t wait to share.

I looked up at the sky, so bright and blue and beautiful, and the world seemed to stop all around us, put on pause while we took in the crisp scents of Fall. Red and golden leaves, freshly clipped blades of grass. The branches in the trees rustled in the wind, a sweet melody meant only for the two of us.

I wanted to stay in that moment forever. To stop the world from moving forward. I wanted to be frozen there in time with you for eternity.

Until the sun stopped rising.

Until the earth stopped spinning.

Until not another cloud drifted across the sky.




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