I am neither god nor beast and so even I feel the pang of solitude when it rings in my heart.

I may revel in the beauty and silence that isolation brings–

I may feel joy and peace in dark seclusion–

But there are moments, moments that I as a human am forced to feel, of emptiness and longing.

Is there not another soul like mine?

One that could match the discordant thrum of my raging pulse and the madness of my chaotic mind.

Was there ever one that was created for me? One who is like me?

Is there a one?





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  1. kirizar says:

    I’d wax poetic about this one, but I’ve got to go get my car serviced. (This is how oil changes influence prose in the 21st century.)


    1. caillenjames says:

      In such a fast-paced world it’s either car maintenance or bicycle maintenance–or perhaps, invest in a sturdy set of legs.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. jlallen30 says:

    All three modes of transportation require a good lube every now and again! Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

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