I wish I could find meaning in this world where there is none.

A reason for the fear,

The hate,

The violence.

I fight to understand why there is so much death

And cruelty

And misunderstanding.

Why must we be hated for the way we feel?

Why must we be ridiculed for the way we live?

I am not so unlike you,

Even though I am different.

Why can you not accept me,

Even if you can’t understand me?

In this broken world of Poison

And Anger,

And Untruth,

I can only ask why.

Why must we hate?




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  1. This is nice poem! This topic is so common especially in todays’ time and day. We live in a diverse world and country , yet it is so divided. I wrote something similar but it is personal to my experience. Followed! Please check out my take on the prompt. https://onemoreshotplease.com/2016/06/10/are-you-scared-of-me/

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  2. kirizar says:

    A question I wish we could answer with change!

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