The Good Boy

There was no greater feeling in the world, Greyson thought. Nothing better than the feeling of cold steel piercing soft, warm flesh. The sweet moans and muffled cries. The desperate sobs. And the sultry scent of freshly spilled blood. Nothing in the world could compare.

Honestly and truly, the blood was what he looked forward to the most. Just the thought of blood alone made him giddy with anticipation. The taste, deep and rich, not always like pennies as most would describe. Each sample contained variations of flavour dependent, of course, on mineral content. And the consistency…

Greyson closed his eyes, an image of beautifully flowing rivers of crimson cascading over the walls of his mind. Rushing. Gushing. Pouring down around him like a torrential rain. Blood beading down the curve of a spine, over the cleft of a juicy pair of soft round breasts. Seeping between his fingers. Flowing over his tongue.

Just the thought alone was enough to make him hard. Make his mouth water. His body quiver with eagerness. With exhilaration.

Who’s blood it was made very little difference to him. Though he preferred women, well endowed, perfectly sculpted, stripped bare down to their very innocence, he didn’t mind making exceptions.

Greyson Draque was more of an opportunist. There were times, however, when he just could not bring himself to settle. Times when need, when the raging beast of desire and want roared through his mind. Rattling chains. Throwing itself against the walls of his calm and steady façade. When it hammered away at his composure. There were times, rare though they were, when he could do nothing more than surrender himself to the beast within. Times when nothing could assuage the monster within. Nothing but the blood. Nothing but cold steel gripped firmly in his palm, thrusting into delicate flesh, reveling in the fountain of that precious, liquid life, that issued forth. Then, and only then, would the demon inside of him release its hold on his body. Only then could he return to himself. Order restored.

Right now was one of those times, though there was little that he could do about it now. The beast would have to wait, as unhappy as he would be.

Breathing deeply, Greyson shoved his fists deeper into his pockets, bracing himself against the cold wind whipping through the trees.

He’d rather be anywhere else right now. But duty called.


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